Who We Are

Founder and Director, Martina Looking Horse, Lakota name Wawokiya Winyan, which translates to “Helping Woman”, has made a lifetime of this work, since the day she received her Lakota name, she has been helping the People (Oyate). Born as the eldest of daughters into the 19th Generation Bundle Keeper Family of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, she carries with her the blood memory of 800 years of Responsibility and the Wisdom born from carry those sacred responsibilities for so long. She is a Native Lakota Language Speaker, Wisdom Keeper, Matriarch and Grandmother.

Just as her Ancestors that walked before her, she holds a vision for a better future for the children and believes that this future is attainable for all if we could evolve out of concepts of material greed and ego to recognize the sacred connection that we share with all Life. Only not just as a philosophy or airy ideals, but as practical everyday actions that we could all take.

Martina works closely with Elders from the various Oceti Sakowin Reservations, Traditional Societies, and Treaty Elders along with other grassroots organizations to create a holistic strategy to bring forth long term, long over due change to Prisoner of War Camps, affectionately known as Reservations. We are at a critical time in history where our culture, our ceremonies, our men and even our own children are weaponized against us as Traditional Indigenous Women. Martina Looking Horse and Matriarchs from around the world are calling for an end to this culture created for predators by predators.

Will you join her in the Mission?

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